153 Education Group Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

 153 Education Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) establishes and discloses personal information processing guidelines as follows to protect personal information of information subjects and to handle related grievances quickly and smoothly under Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act.


Article 1 [Purpose of Processing Personal Information]

The company processes personal information for the following purposes. Personal information being processed will not be used for purposes other than the following, and if the purpose of use is changed, necessary measures will be taken, such as obtaining separate consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

  1. Identification of members/confirmation of intention to join, confirmation of identity/age, prevention of illegal use, and maintenance and management of membership
  2. Confirmation of consent of legal representatives when collecting and processing personal information of children under the age of 14, and confirmation of identity when exercising the rights of legal representatives
  3. Transmission or delivery of contents, goods, services, contracts, invoices, etc. when using the service
  4. Products payment, settlement, debt collection, handling of taxes and public charges
  5. Handling inquiries or complaints, announcements and other notifications, and providing various services
  6. Analysis and service provision according to demographic characteristics, advertisement posting, and customized service provision
  7. Statistics on service use records, access frequency and service use
  8. New service (product) development and utilization in marketing and advertising
  9. Provide event and advertising information and opportunities to participate, and confirm participation
  10. Prevention and sanctions against acts that interfere with the smooth operation of services


Article 2 [Processing and Retaining Period of Personal Information]

  1. The company processes and retains personal information within the period of retention and use of personal information according to the law or within the period of use and retention of personal information agreed upon when collecting personal information from the information subject.
  2. The processing and retention period of each personal information is as follows.
    1. Records on membership, management, etc. of the website: Until the withdrawal of the website, but even after that, in cases falling under any of the following subparagraphs, until the termination of the relevant grounds:
      1. If an investigation or investigation is in progress due to a violation of related laws, until the end of the investigation or investigation
      2. If there are any receivables or debts related to the use of the website, until the relevant receivables or debts disappear.
    2. Records regarding the provision of goods or services: Until the completion of supply of goods and services, payment of fees, and settlement, if it is necessary to preserve the information even after that in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, the company shall retain member information for a certain period of time as set forth in the relevant laws and regulations as follows: holds.
      1. In accordance with the [Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc.], records on contracts or subscription withdrawals: 5 years, records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years, records on consumer complaints or dispute handling: 3 Records on year, mark, advertisement: 6 months
      2. Pursuant to the [Framework Act on National Taxes], books and supporting materials for all transactions stipulated by the tax law: 5 years
      3. According to the [Electronic Financial Transactions Act], records on electronic financial transactions: 5 years
      4. In accordance with the [Communications Secrets Protection Act], service visit record: 3 months



Article 3 [Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party]

  1. The company processes the personal information of the information subject only within the scope specified in Article 1 (Purpose of Processing Personal Information), and provides personal information to third parties only if it falls under Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Consent of the Information Subject, Special Provisions of the Act, etc.)
  2. The entrusted personal information shall be destroyed without delay if there is a member withdrawal, termination of the consignment contract, or request for deletion by the user.
  3. If the details of the entrusted work or the trustee changes, it will be disclosed through this personal information processing policy without delay.



Article 4 [Personal Information Items Processed]

The company handles the following personal information items.

  1. Homepage member registration and management

Required items: name, email, phone number, address

Optional items: address, profile picture, highest level of education, subscription route

  1. Provision of goods or services

Required items: ID, name, password, mobile phone number or email address, service use record

Optional items: field of interest, past purchase details, account information, resident registration number, education, introduction

  1. In the process of using the Internet service, personal information items such as access IP information, cookies, MAC address, terminal identification number, service usage record, payment record, class record, content download record, visit record, and poor usage record can be automatically generated and collected.
  2. New service development, service improvement, and marketing strategy establishment through statistical analysis

Optional items: address, mobile phone number, area of ​​interest, company name, title, department, job position, year of service, profile picture, age range, highest level of education, occupation, subscription route, past purchase history, use of additional services and customized services, or event application process Information entered in, individual learning contents and service reviews, service survey information



Article 5 [Destruction of Personal Information]

  1. The company destroys the personal information without delay when the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as when the personal information retention period has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved.
  2. If personal information must be kept in accordance with other laws and regulations even though the retention period agreed to by the information subject has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved, the personal information is moved to a separate database or stored in a different storage.
  3. The company destroys personal information recorded and stored in the form of electronic files using methods such as low-level formatting so that the records cannot be reproduced, and destroys personal information recorded and stored in paper documents by shredding or incinerating.



Article 6 [Matters regarding the installation, operation and rejection of automatic personal information collection devices]

  1. The company uses ‘cookies’ that store usage information and retrieve it from time to time in order to provide personalized services to users. Cookies are a small amount of information that the server (http) used to run the website sends to the user’s computer browser, and is sometimes stored on the hard disk of the user’s PC computer.
  2. Purpose of use of cookies: It is used to provide optimized information to users by identifying the types of visits and use of each service and website visited by the user, popular search words, and secure access.
  3. Installation, operation and rejection of cookies: You can refuse to save cookies by setting options in the Tools> Internet Options> Personal Information menu at the top of the web browser.
  4. If you refuse to save cookies, you may experience difficulties in using customized services.



Article 7 [Person in charge of personal information protection]

  1. The company is responsible for the overall handling of personal information, and has designated the person in charge of personal information protection as follows to handle complaints and damage relief of information subjects related to personal information processing.

Privacy Officer

Name : Wook Shin

Position : CEO


  1. You can contact the person in charge of personal information protection and the department in charge of personal information protection for all personal information protection related inquiries, complaint handling, damage relief, etc. that occurred while using the company’s service (or business). The company will respond to and process inquiries from information subjects without delay.



Article 8 [Change of Privacy Policy]

The company may revise the privacy policy for the purpose of reflecting changes in laws or services. If the personal information processing policy is changed, the company will post the change, and the changed personal information processing policy will take effect 7 days after the posting date. However, when there is a significant change in user rights, such as collection and use of personal information and provision to a third party, we will notify you at least 30 days in advance.

This privacy policy is effective from 2022.11.30

Privacy Officer Name : Wook Shin

Contact : (+82)10-9137-0480 / info@153education.com


You can report all complaints related to personal information protection that occur while using the company’s services to the person in charge of personal information management or the department in charge. The company will promptly provide sufficient answers to users’ reports.